Every team member at Neva Group takes pride in their participation and contribution in the IT industry. Over the years, we have taken an approach that combines our desire to learn new tools and technology, our ability to adapt our skills and experience to create right and effective solutions for our clients, and our continuous initiative to avoid over-engineering and low return-on-investment. After more than 10 years of active participant in the IT industry, we are increasingly excited by the common opportunities we anticipate both for our clients and us, in the future. Everyday IT industry is transforming giving everyone to improve business processes, improve customer satisfaction, increase return-on-investment, simplify,
We are driven by our passion for designing, developing, and delivering IT solutions to our clients founded on our extensive skills and experience. Everyday we realize that we are more competent than our competitors by delivering great service and solutions. Everyday we cut through the wastage and leverage our skills and experience to save time and money for our customers. Everyday we take our involvement and contribution to our client’s need more seriously than ever before. If our competitors can provide a business solution, we can provide same, if not more, level of service.
Our involvement in the IT industry is big part of our business and personal existence. The IT industry, especially software development and designing turnkey application, has guided our professionalism, helped understanding requirement, taught us how to be detailed oriented, understanding what our clients want, and realizing “keep it simple” is the critical success factor in the IT industry.
The following provides the IT areas that we are spending time to better understand and how we can deliver improved products and services that leverage these IT areas.

Strategic Consulting
IT Project Management
Business Process Evaluation / Analysis
Software Architecture and Planning
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Encryption / Data Security
Ethics/Fraud and Corruption
Financial Disclosure
Web 2.0 Programming
Cloud Computing

OmniTracker CTS

Case Management

OmniTracker CRM

Client Relationship Mgmt. Solution

OmniTracker HRS

Job Recruitment Mgmt. Solution

OmniTracker TRMS

Talent Retention Mgmt. Solution

OmniTracker ESMS

Executive Schedule Mgmt. Solution

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