Neva Group has considerable expertise and skills in transforming your e-commerce initiative including catalog management, inventory management, on-line shopping, payment system integration, web traffic monitoring, web marketing and customer satisfaction measurements.

If you want to improve the results of your e-commerce venture, contact us today. We will be happy to evaluate your current investment, your expectation and help you through the process to realign your vision and resources.

Some of the specific areas that we can assist in your e-commerce projects are listed below.
Product Management
Catalog Management
Product Inventory Management
Shopping Cart
Merchant Payment Integration
Traffic Monitoring
Web Marketing
Customer Satisfaction Measurement

The efficiency of a company is directly dependent on the tight integration of all IT systems used within the organization. According to various research studies and analysis, businesses lose a significant amount of revenue generated every year due to IT systems or processes that do not talk to each other. Additionally, the lack of integration is a critical factor for lower customer satisfaction and high level of data consistency, resulting in low employee morale and job satisfaction.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a technology framework to improvement total system quality quickly and a low-cost. SOA uses the Web services standards and technologies and it has become a standard approach for enterprise information system.

Neva Group has provided high-level strategic consulting and integration services to help clients deploy a consistent total system that has resulted in tremendous savings and improved quality of data and customer services. When our clients engage us, our approach is to understand that, a) clients have made considerable investments in terms of time, money and training in their disparate systems, b) the users of the each systems like the features offered and depend on the systems to perform their day-to-day tasks, and c) every enterprise is, and will keep on, using best-of-breed solutions. Under the approach, the professionals at Neva Group try implement a coherent integration plan for the total system without the need to remove any best-of-breed solutions.

Some of the specific areas that we can assist in your SOA projects are listed below.
SOA Architecture Planning
SOA Service Discovery
Service Definition and Cataloging
SOA Service Matrix and Mapping
SOA Platform Planning and Realization
Enterprise SOA Assessment
Structure and Process Definition

For us, software as a service is a not just a buzzword. Neva Group was an early adapter and practitioner of SaaS in the industry. We are proud to offer all our turnkey applications as SaaS and traditional applications.

Our ability to offer our turnkey solutions under a subscription-based or traditional or a traditional licensing model has helped our clients to quickly to adopt our solutions to match their budget.

Global economy demands web presence for your business. The depth and breadth of your web presence depends on your type of business, long-term web strategy, level of engagement you want with your customers or business partners or vendors, and your budget.

Neva Group has worked with customers of various size and types to deliver web strategy. Our professionals have years of experience in delivering web solutions that has improved web presence or solutions for our clients.

Some of the specific areas that we can assist in your web strategy are listed below.
Web Architecture Planning
Web Content Management
Knowledge Management
Web Infrastructure and Platform
Website Development
Website Management
Website Evaluation

Multiple Development
Application Testing
Quality Assurance
Software Option Evaluation
Application Enhancement / Maintenance

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