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Looking for a secured and feature-rich Case Tracking Solution?

Check out OmniTracker CTS for Ombuds from Neva Group

OmniTracker CTS for Ombuds enables Ombuds Offices to handle case load involving consultations, facilitations, investigations, conciliations, and mediations utilizing a consistent process. The solution was designed to offer best tools and features any Ombuds Office will require irrespective of the size of the office. The solution can be implemented in the cloud or in your premises. The collaboration and assignment feature of the solution brings coherence within the team in regards to case load assigned, the volume of cases being handled, restricting access to cases individually or to a grout. OmniTracker CTS is designed and developed using the encryption and security tools offered by industry leader IBM.

Why choose OmniTracker CTS?

  • Proven industry solution
  • Encrypted and secured
  • Highly Customizable
  • Ability to keep personal information confidential
  • Affordable Subscription-based Pricing
  • Hassle-free setup and deployment (cloud-based or on-premise)
  • Free Upgrades and Updates
  • Flexible-reporing feature
  • No restriction on volume of caseload
  • Ability to identify trends/patterns from summary information without use of personal data
  • Experienced Support Team

Adoption of OmniTracker CTS by Ombuds Offices helps implement four key concepts (independence, neutrality, confidentiality and informality) recommended as best practices by International Ombudsman Association (IOA).

Neva Group, with its flagship solution OmniTracker CTS, offers a turn-key one-stop solution to clients that is easy to adopt, easy to understand with high return-on-investment (RoI).

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